[B]OLD AGE With Debbie Weil

A podcast about (b)oldly moving from midlife to old age in a society that devalues old people and/or misunderstands what (b)old age is really like. Debbie, who is 72, explores that question in frank 30-minute conversations with best-selling authors, experts, and exceptional individuals. With her guests she delves into the unretired (non-retired) life, ageism, ambition, slowing down (or not), physical deterioration, grandparenting, intergenerational collaboration, grief and widowhood, and more. As well as other stuff that piques her interest such as the craft of writing.

She invites her husband, Sam Harrington, on as a frequent guest. He’s a retired physician with a dry sense of humor and he makes her laugh. Debbie and Sam took a grownup gap year at age 61, leaving behind a professional life in Washington D.C. Now in their early 70s, they live a busy and productive "unretired" life on an island off the coast of Maine. Debbie writes for Substack at debbieweil.substack.com.

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