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Encore's Marci Alboher & Aanchal Dhar on Intergenerational Collaboration and Why It’s Important Right Now

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Debbie talks with Encore's Marci Alboher and Aanchal Dhar about intergenerational collaboration and how it can address some of the biggest issues this country is facing right now.

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Today, Debbie talks to's Marci Alboher and Aanchal Dhar about intergenerational  collaboration: how it works for them as a GenX and Millennial pair and how connecting different ages can address some of the biggest issues this country is facing right now, from pandemic loneliness to the political divide to the climate crisis.

Marci, Encore's Vice President of Narrative Change, is 54. Aanchal, Encore's Communications Strategist for Programs, is 39. The two have been collaborating for seven years in their work for this well-known nonprofit, which is partially responsible for the midlife reinvention movement.

Encore originally focussed on the second half of life.  More recently the group has turned to a focus on bridging divides and connecting generations to create a better future. That's a big goal. Encore calls it a movement. So Debbie asks Marci and Aanchal, in turn, why it's so important to bridge the demographic divide in the workplace, in communities, in our personal lives. The answer: connecting different ages, races, and genders creates value. Younger people bring a fresh perspective, seeing things for the first time. Older people have lived through crises and challenges (the unrest of the 60s, for example) and they bring a different lived experience. Together they can solve big problems.   

They also talk about "perennials," a term Debbie loves. It means people with a mindset of being hungry and curious and always wanting to learn regardless of age or generation. Curiosity is key to conversations with those who are different from you. And they talk about civic community, what that means, and why the virtual program Aanchal started has been so important during the pandemic.

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